Take some time off

Responsible people have busy schedules. They’re typically juggling work, home and/ or school. So with that, it’s pretty rare to have free time to relax and enjoy a day free of chores/ tasks. As a full-time college student with a part-time job, it’s a must to plan a relaxation day.

According to an article written by Glenn Santos in Endless Entertainment, he gives six reasons why people should pencil in their free time. One of the reasons was that scheduling in free time and spending it with a friend or family makes that person feel important.

About 43 percent of Americans don’t use their vacation days, Santos said.

Recently, my roommate and I decided to go to Sweetwater Wetlands Park.

Photo by Klarizza Aggabao

A little about myself, I enjoy spending a day exploring, especially parks and taking nature hikes. So it was a blessing that I have a roommate that enjoys the same activities.

A little history about the park, it is a habitat for the wetland wildlife; it spans more than 125 acres of land. The trails circle around wetlands, the crushed rocks and gravel underneath my feet as I walk through the trails. The cries, chirps, trills and whistles of different birds fill the humid air. It was a bit too warm the last time we visited but now, in the middle of November, it is the perfect time to take pictures without dying of heat exhaustion.

Photo by Klarizza Aggabao.

That day, I was able to wake up early and just spend the day exploring a part of Gainesville that a lot of residents have probably never taken the time to see. I didn’t have to rush home and do chores that morning. I didn’t have to worry about homework as much; my roommate and I planned this particular Sunday to just focus on relaxing and enjoying our day off.

“It’s also a mental productivity trick of sorts: do well during the work day and claim your fun activity later as your reward to yourself,” Santos said.

And he’s right. When you plan something ahead, focusing one full day of tasks and one full day of relaxation, it makes you appreciate all the free time you get to spend with your friends and family.

So, personally speaking, create and schedule free time for yourself. Spend it with your family, your friends, your pets.

If you have a few hours to spare and you see yourself in Gainesville, visit the Sweetwater Wetlands Park. Take your camera and a bottle of water. Bring an external battery for your phone, bring a notebook if you see your muse and write words about nature. You won’t be disappointed.

Can you spot the sleeping gator? Photo by Klarizza Aggabao.

For more information about Sweetwater Wetlands Park, visit their website here.

If you want to read more about Glenn Santos’ article, click here.


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