School, work and play

Successful people tend to have everything together, stay on top of everything and seem to always keep it cool. In college, most students juggle work, school and play. How do they do it?

Moesha Manora is a third-year Public Relations major student, who is taking 12 credits hours this semester, a marketing and special events intern, works at on campus and is involved in two organizations. From all of that, she is very busy. So how does she do it all?

“Balancing all three is extremely hard. The post important thing in my life is my calendar and Reminder app,” Manora said.

Manora explains that both her calendar and the app keeps her up to date on her schedule.

“I also make sure not to let my schedule stress me out,” Manora said. “Stress can make a busy schedule go from manageable to impossible.”

Laura McMullen, a staff writer for U.S. News & World Report, said in her article that students should schedule wisely when it comes to school and work, preferably working a maximum of 20 hours.

“Take on a full course-load and 20-plus hours, and that delicate balance between work, school and wellness – eating, sleeping, exercising and having fun – can be thrown out of whack,” the article states.

When it comes to balancing all three, stress is bound to occur. With some students who work, have at least 12 credit hours at school and are in multiple organizations, clubs and such, it’s very possible to run off the tracks.

“I make sure to schedule in me time. Turn off the lights, light my candles, and listen to music,” Manora said. “With a schedule like mine, taking time to disconnect is the only way I can keep pushing to the next activity.”

When everything seems to go downhill, students should talk to someone, an advisor or professor, and talk about stress, the article states. Most schools have many advisors in the person’s specific major are free to talk to students to help their college experience go smoothly.

“Have a great support system,” Manora said. “The only way I have the strength to keep going is because I have people who constantly lift me up. Having people to help you and keep you focused is key.”

When one achieves balance without ripping their hair off, in my opinion, they have achieved everything.

But why is it important to balance all three?

“My job is for my present, school is for my future, and play time is for me to keep both balanced,” Manora said.


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