Food and college life

It’s not a secret that when a person goes to college, they’re bound to be tempted by eating more. Ever heard of the “Freshman 15”? With the freedom of living on your own and independently sustaining yourself, it’s tempting to just go out and buy a meal instead of eating at home.

So what’s the relationship between college kids and food? Remember those late-night study “sesh” that we all have before a big exam and all the caffeine we would drink just to stay awake for a couple more hours?

Elizabeth Kiefer, writer for Teen Vogue, explains in her article, “10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in College,” that eating well in college is hard and it’s mostly because college kids are in a rush every morning.

“College is also the place where you can start establishing good eating patterns that will last a lifetime,” Kiefer said.

On the top of her list, she suggests that college kids should save up on the healthy stuff with a longer shelf life. So ditch the ramen and bring out nuts for snacks.

According to Amanda MacMillan from, the best nuts to snack on would be almonds, cashews and pistachios. These nuts (meme) are considered to be the lowest-calorie nuts out of all the nuts. But keep the snacking to a minimum and avoid the nut tubs!

“You’ll likely be eating more than the recommended serving size,” Macmillan said.

It seems as though control is a common theme when it comes to eating healthy in college. Both Kiefer and MacMillan refer to having control.

“Listen to your body,” Kiefer said about learning to eat until you feel fullness and snacking late at night.

“Learn to eat until you’re full so that you’re not creating an opening for cravings later on in the day,” Kiefer said.

She also ties in another section when it comes to food and health: It’s a good idea to experiment with what you’re eating and see how that affects you your mind, energy and sleep.

“Particularly in a day and age when we’re more conscious than ever about food sensitivities and allergies, it’s important to keep track of what impacts you, both negatively and positively,” Kiefer said.

With this day and age, everyone is on social media, especially college kids. So Kiefer incorporates food and social media by finding your “food-spiration.”

Tasty, Buzzfeed’s popular food section, has short easy cooking videos. With over 75 million “Likes” on Facebook, it caters to everyone. My favorite is Tastemade; Founded in 2012, Tastemade connects people from all over the world and create video recipes from all across the world. My absolute favorite is Jen Phanomrat because she has created several delicious Filipino dishes like adobo chicken wings and Bistek Bowl.

With our busy schedules, it’s important to spend the time to stay on top of health and what we eat. It’s easy to just open a bag of chips. But what’s the fun part in that? Making your own meal is even better. Plus, it’s a great way to add a great #foodporn post on Instagram.

Saturday is “Big Breakfast Day.” Saturday mornings are usually less hectic than any other day for me, giving me the time to cook more. Photo by Klarizza Aggabao

For more information about healthy nuts, click here.


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