Brand new year

Hey, guys!
It’s been a while since I posted something  on here and I have a great reason why: I wanted to change what my blog is about.

I wasn’t that into writing about my newfound independence since my moving to college. I mean, I’m growing, constantly changing, but I wanted to focus on other topics.

For example, I wanted to share to my future subscribers what my favorite books are, food I’d like to try, maybe even fads I’ve been really into lately.

Sometimes, I want to post about issues that are going on in society today and how they affect me. I want to write about experiences that I face in school or in life.

Creating a blog that encompasses the many things I enjoy is one of my New Year’s Resolution. And I intend to keep that resolution.

So for now, I will be fixing my theme and posting randomly, but fear not! Posts will come. And I hope that you will like them.
– Klarizza


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